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About Us


It is with pride that we introduce our company, Vinyard Fruit & Vegetable Co., to you.  We welcome the opportunity to share with you our history, our capabilities, our products, and our mission to provide our customers with the finest, freshest produce available.

Since 1959, we have continued to specialize in fresh-cut potato products while expanding our family-owned and operated business to include a full line of fruit and vegetable products, dairy, eggs, frozen hors d'houvers and desserts, spices, and custom bottled bbq sauce, salsa, jelly and relish.  Today our company's extensive line of products and services continues to grow as a result of our efforts to meet all of our customers' ever-changing needs.

Thanks to our loyal employees and customers, we have grown to be a very quiet Oklahoma success story and indeed, one of the region's most widely known and respected locally-owned produce processors.  We thank you for the opportunity to serve you.  If we can be of assistance to you in any way, please contact us.


Roy and Pamela Vinyard